Red for Energy

Forsythia and Berberis on red

After the long, rainy winter season people need some new energy and something to cheer up like the colour yellow for happiness and red for energy.

I had cut some branches with Forsythia and Berberis blossoms from my garden and put in a vase to get some colour into the room. They did not come out very well on the table.

Then I had the idea to place them in front of red paper near the wall and make a photo. Complete transformation!

I like the primary colour contrast of red and yellow. It seems to wake me up after the long hybernation and puts me in a good mood.

Some ancient cultures, like the Egyptians and Chinese, use chromotherapy or light therapy to heal. Red is for the stimulation of the body and the mind, yellow for the stimulation of the nerves and the purification of the body.

I find it feels good to look at the colours and the flowers.

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