Everybody loves ROSES! ?

IMG 1401, Roses 1Summer, Roses 3







Summer, Roses 2


Many people really like them, the roses. I don’t know why. There are so many other beautiful, colourful flowers around. Roses are thorny and difficult, e.g. they need a lot of looking after to have them beautiful because they are prone to pests and diseases. As a thank you they scrape your hands open.

However, they also have their good points:

  1. The flowers are beautiful and easy to paint. I painted a red spiral on one picture and straight away some people decided they are roses. That was not my intention. Well, whatever keeps them happy.
  2. They come in plenty of colours like red, orange, peach, yellow, white, pink and everything in between.
  3. They smell great and rose hip tea is healthy and delicious. I drink it every morning instead of coffee. I find it a great substitute as it has the same zinggg…

So for a change, I bought a bunch of small roses, faded pink with brown bits already, reduced to clear. I painted them three times: in pink with green and blue for cool, pink with green and yellow for hot sunshine and in yellow with green and blue for balance. To bring out the spikyness, I used a painting knife only.

Enjoy the colours and the tea!

For more on art and photography visit my website: arthenning.com

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