Portrait of a Male

Young Male (Lion) - pastel painting


Portrait of a Young Male Lion

This is a soft pastel portrait painting of a young male lion. He looks like he is only just back from a night out with the lads: exhausted, injuries in his face, slightly drunk …  I don’t want to know what he got up to the night before. He certainly seems to get around.

Animal Portrait Class

For this painting I went to an art class for animal portraits. We were supposed to bring a picture of our pet or something. As I do not have a pet, I looked for this old portrait picture and painted that one.

Dangerous Animals

Most portraits I draw or paint from the object or person directly in front of me and for a few of them I use a photo. It depends on the level of danger sometimes or on the availability and willingness of someone to sit.

Lions I would not even go near enough for a photo. So obviously I needed a photo of this dangerous young lion and not my own one either!


Soft toys and plants are very safe and patient to draw from real objects. However, cut flowers wilt rather quickly. Animals and children are generally only patient when they are asleep.

Take care.

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