About Pictures and Colours


IMG 0250, Old Church 1.JPG
Old Church, Clare Hills, autumn, acrylics on canvas

CIMG0865 (2)











My site is all about pictures and colours. A lot of them are vibrant colours like intense red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Colours are good for people, e.g. yellow is a mood lifter. Colours can make people happy. Colourful pictures are happy makers.

It is also important that people surround themselves with happy colours at home. Not just the colours on the walls have an impact but also other decorations like curtains, cushions, furniture, lamp shades etc. Colourful pictures are a great way to go and the more brave ones would even paint their radiators which really includes them in the room design.

Quite often an abstract picture can provide  a lot more colour than a realistic one and balance out a fairly monochrome place. Abstracts have the additional benefit of calming the mind as you do not have to think about anything when looking at them. It gives your mind a break and even the brain will appreciate a break sometimes.

On my site you only have to look at pictures and enjoy them. It’s completely free of charge although I do sales and commissions as well. I also do exhibitions. This blog is one big exhibition.

Relax and have fun!



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