A Toxic Love: Gilot describes her Life with Picasso

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Gilot life with Picasso

A Toxic Love: Gilot describes her Life with Picasso

by Claudia Moscovici

There are dozens of biographies on Picasso, but his psychological profile comes to life with nuance, insight and sensibility in the autobiographical writings of his long-term partner, Françoise Gilot. In Life with Picasso, Gilot illustrates that there’s no contradiction whatsoever between being a great and innovative artist, or an “artistic genius” if you prefer, and being an irredeemably bad and selfish human being, or a psychopath. Although Gilot doesn’t use this clinical label, I believe that this is the psychological profile that emerges from her personal accounts of Picasso’s personality traits and behavior. She also offers unique insight into the artist’s immense creativity and resourcefulness, which doesn’t in any way contradict the image she sketches of his emotional poverty.

My point here is not to clinically diagnose Picasso, since I’m not qualified to do so. Nevertheless, I’d…

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