Art – Fashion – Weather – Climate Change

Some thoughts on climate change …


When was Greenland ice-free last?

When were the Vikings around?

That’s got nothing to do with art?

Sooooo wrong!!!


from about 1400 to 1700 AD

Looking at paintings from the lateMiddle Ages (15th century) in the past, I was always shivering and feeling sorry for the people in those pictures, especially women, because of all these open-necked dresses. Because back then it was dark and cold! Right? I was wondering whether they couldn’t afford anything warmer to wear or if it wasn’t really invented yet.

Until some years ago, when I came across a text regarding the climate and weather at these times and before: Around 1000 AD, it was HOT! Very hot! Really hot summers and cold winters all over Europe. That lasted for a while!

200px-rogier_van_der_weyden_0271                                     …

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