City Scapes


City scapes are pictures of cities or towns like paintings or photos of streets, buildings and places with or without people. These pictures can be everything from realistic to abstract.

Over the past few years, I slowly discovered that painting city scapes can be fun, especially in Ireland with its brightly decorated houses in all rainbow colours. Just awesome!!!

In the past, I wasn’t so fond of all these straight lines but in abstracts that can be great.

Additionally, since restarting photography in 2014, I developed a tendency to more abstract painting. As photos seem already realistic, then what’s the point in doing the same in painting??? Abstracts and city scapes together, I find are a great combination. City scapes can be nearly ideal abstract material.

In the following, there are five examples of city scapes I did myself.


City Scape No. 1:

“Limerick Streets”

Limerick Streets, ArtHenningLimerick Streets, acrylics, 2013

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