How to plan your marketing content for 2018 – a free template!

Help with the planning by Laura Belton

Laura Belton | Copywriter

Did you start January with the best of intentions? Was 2018 the year you were going to get your website and social media organised, develop a strategy and act on it? Did managing your business and your real life slowly take over, and the next thing you knew, it was 1st February, and things hadn’t quite gone to plan?

If that describes you, don’t worry. Everyone knows that having a carefully planned marketing strategy is an effective way to stay on top of things. But it doesn’t always work (that’s why people hire freelancers like me!)

While I was finishing off a 2018 content calendar for a client, I realised how hard it must be for business owners to find the time to create one for their business. So, I decided to be charitable and give free access to mine. It’s a simple Excel document, with a sheet for each…

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