The Low Fat Nutrient-Less Diet Cannot Fully Nourish The Body

Great information by Valerie Berkowitz!

Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It

English: A photo of ribeye steaks English: A photo of ribeye steaks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do foods with fat have that low or non-fat foods don’t? Aside from the obvious more fat and calories, they contain many more nutrients that can help keep waistlines slim, skin, hair and nails looking young, the immune system strong and the heart healthy. And this does not even scratch the surface of what the benefits are.

If you can look beyond calories and fat to focus on nutrient rich foods like, eggs, coconuts, beef and other healthy higher fat foods you will find better health. Last week I posed the question, “Have we created our own health crises?”,

This week will shed some light on the answer. You will get the “low-down” on the low-fat nutrient-less diet and the nutrients that are not provided when following it.

Five reasons to eat fat and get many more nutrients that will…

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