The Painter in His Workshop (Self-Portrait) 1633-by Adriaen van Ostade

Interesting insights into long gone interiors… by A.E. Sibbald

Beauty of Baroque ~ a weekly indulgence of art from an amazing era

640px-Adriaen_van_Ostade_006[1] A hushed and meditative ambience pervades this hushed and richly detailed work. We have arrived at the studio of a very talented artist in the Netherlands. Our party has entered quietly and mindfully lest we disturb the genius at work. The room that we stand in is lit from the left side and the painter appears to have paused in his execution of his latest creation. His brush seems to have paused mid stroke and the thoughtful tilt of his head suggests quiet contemplation. The room is not an example of tidy and orderly organization but this is to be expected in the realm of the artistic. Clutter, disorder are often signs of great genius and creativity. Strewn about is the detritus of artistic talent. On the far left sitting next to the table is a bust of some sort of classical figure. Its gaze is palpable and appears to…

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