No Limits Hair and Nail Spa

No Limits Hair and Nail Spa          Memory flash: A young lady I knew had a Mind-your-own-business plant. That was in her room right next door to me in a hostel. There was a young man on the same floor, same time. He bravely tried out a perm. The experiment went a bit against his expectations. He looked very much like the Mind-your-own-business. He was wearing a hat all day long for a while.

Aha! went my head and I put a basil herbal plant into my ceramic crocodile. That’s his hair. The crocodile’s! As he has blue nails, I arranged nail varnishes in assorted colours, hair gel for good measure and a dusky pink towel around it. Then I made this photo of the still life.

There is an endless choice for hair and nails out there these days which is brilliant. Even if it goes wrong sometimes. The question would be: Was it meant or not? Who knows.

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