Luxuriant Bouquet – for sale

Beautiful Flowers         Luxuriant Bouquet, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 95 cm


A while ago, I had bought 3 bunches of flowers, a mixture of chrysanthemums, carnations, one rose and Baby’s Breath (gypsophila paniculata). They were beautiful: dark red, peach, yellow, white, magenta and the green of the foliage. I just had to paint them.

It took about one week altogether. As the blossoms wilt rather quickly, I did them first. It is great to dive into any blossoms and simply forget everything else for a while. Very therapeutic.

It seemed to me that an oval painted-on frame in terracotta would suit this romantic arrangement and measured it in regular spots around the canvas. The flowers overlap the frame in a few places which I like. The background is pale blue and pale peach, a bit like in old photos. This again underlines the romantic idea of the whole set-up.

Flowers to last.

This picture would cost about 400 Euros, framed. Delivery per courier possible.

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