Art and Photography

IMG_2446          This is my first blog ever. I tried to start a website but forget. I’m too stupid. Obviously. Maybe this one works. I just wait and see.

I like painting and taking photos and have done so most of my life. So this is what my blog is about. I like to share my pictures with lots of people to get some feedback and I like looking at other people’s pictures. That’s why I am on flickr, tumblr, facebook etc. as well although that is more of an experimenting with them because I can not really get the hang of some of them.

Now this one – wordpress – seems easy so far. Not that I got really far yet. Now I start loading a picture. Or so. It quite obviously worked. It is a photo of the full moon in the evening sky which s darkish blue with a few pink and orange clouds and a birch tree with its branches in the front. Very calming.

For more on art and photography visit my website:

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